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Terms of Service: KaiECO — The Gamified Token, Kaieco.net, KaiECO (BSC), KaiECO (ETH), KaiDHT (BSC), KaiDHT (ETH), Kai Games & Kai NFT’s collectively known as the Kai Ecosystem.
By using our platform, purchasing our products/services; trading our tokens, entering our promotions, competitions, contests or giveaways, joining our official community groups including and not limited to Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tik Tok you are subject to these terms & conditions.
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These terms & conditions also known as our terms of service include our Privacy Statement & Cookies policy - this applies to all users, players, holders no matter where you are in the world. The terms and conditions herein govern the Kai Ecosystem.
Our terms & conditions from time to time may be amended, updated, or revoked at any time, and without notice to users. These terms & conditions are accurate, and up to date at the time of publication.
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