Authorization & License

KAIECO permits and authorizes users to access our Platform freely. Access to the platform is assigned and granted to users automatically upon transacting and owning any of our official tokens.
By simply owning KAIECO tokens "$kaiECO" or "$kaiDHT" whether the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum network versions of our tokens, holders are a to be considered an assigned licensee for the purpose of this clause and in addition to their registered user status.
KAIECO assigns licenses to users for individual access and use of our Platform. All users, players, groups, agencies or any other entity that utilize this Platform is governed by the full terms and conditions set out in this document.
The assignee (licensee) is not authorized or permitted to re-assign or extend the license to any additional third party, unless they have been granted written consent in the first instance from KAIECO - the Platform and officially known as the Kai Ecosystem.