Promotions, Competitions & Giveaways

This clause governs all promotions, competitions & giveaways authorized
KAIECO will periodically run promotions, contests, & other giveaways in relation to the Platform. All employees, commercial partners, paid promoters/influencer including their respective immediate family members are excluded from all KAIECO promotions, competitions and giveaways. All participants of our sweepstakes are subject to our full general terms and conditions including our Privacy policy and Cookies policy. All participants must be 18 year or older and be legally allowed to enter our promotions, competitions and giveaways. To claim a prize:
Individuals must prove their identity by showing a valid government issues photo identity document to prove their eligibility. In addition all Participants of any major prize accept and understand that KAIECO will publish their name across our platform/systems to publicly announce and celebrate their win.
Public disclosure is necessary to maintain public confidence and trust and for all other transparency or commercial necessities. KAIECO reserves all rights including the right to cancel any and all promotions, competitions and giveaways without any notice to you. Any content created as part of a competition and submitted from an individual users becomes the intellectual property of the Platform and all users agree understand and accept this. This clause can be amended, changed, updated or deleted at any time.
Last modified 1yr ago