Using the Kai Ecosystem - The Platform

For the purpose of these General Terms & Conditions: KaiECO — The Gamified Token,, KaiECO (BSC), KaiECO (ETH), KaiDHT (BSC), KaiDHT (ETH), Kai Games & Kai NFT’s will collectively be known as the Kai Ecosystem, the Platform, We or Us.
All users are responsible and liable for their own use of the Platform. This responsibility includes registration for or accessing any of our Products and Services and including through intermediaries, partnerships or other.
At times users may need to provide private personal sensitive information necessary to prove their identity, as well as any other supporting documentation. This maybe required in order to prevent any potential scam, money laundering, terrorism financing or any other criminal and illegal activity. When users provide sensitive information this will be handled with care and with respect to your privacy. All users agree to provide truthful information. Failure to comply or provide truthful information when requested is an offence and will result in a permanent suspension from our platform.
The Platform reserves the right to request any information we deem necessary from users for the purposes of providing our products; or Services; and users accept and understand that it is their responsibility to keep their records updated. The platform reserves the right to make the appropriate checks with authorities or third parties if we have concerns about the legal origins of funds transacted on our platform. The Platform will proceed to take preventative measures in order to protect our brand and our Platform and to prevent any potential for money laundering, and or terrorism activity.
To register with our platform you must own $kaiECO or $kaiDHT tokens. Once you own and hold even just one (1) of these two tokens (issued via smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain or Binance Smart Chain) you will be considered a registered user.
All registered users agree not to use this Platform to engage in illicit or illegal activities or those contrary to good faith and public order including community standards; users agree not to disseminate any content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic and otherwise illegal nature. No user shall access our Platform to promote terrorism or human rights abuses; all users must not do anything that can bring our brand into disrepute. No user shall actively engage in deliberate sabotage of our systems, or that of our suppliers or commercial partners, all users agree to not upload or send any malicious software or code (virus) to our Platform. All users agree not to hack or attempt to hack any of our systems, users, or partners.